Kolkata Soundscapes

Sound Categories

The categorization of city sounds is an impossible proposition given the overlapping, intertwined, intervening amorphousness of infinite sounds emerging out of infinite sources. This huge polyphony is difficult to untangle and more difficult to abstract tangible patterns out of it. Besides, the variants are innumerable, different spaces, seasons, times incessantly change the nature of city sounds.

Our effort here is to make an inventory of sounds of Kolkata, arranged, though approximately, in some categories for the convenience of representation. Such categories are fluid, one flows into another and can be renamed in innumerable possible ways. The list below is in no sense exhaustive and just an initiation of ever accumulative nature of our project. All sounds that we have collected cannot be brought under any such category and are given in AUDIOS

 Machine sounds
 Festival/Carnival Sounds
 Hawkers’ Calls
 Street Music
 Religious Sounds
 Sounds of Public Rallies
 Night sounds
 Traffic Sounds