Kolkata Soundscapes

Galiff Street Market

The Galiff Street flower and pet market is the largest and oldest pet market in the city. Also known as the “Bagbazar Sokher Haat,” the first part of the market is dedicated to individual and group sellers dealing in several types of flowers, pots, trees and garden accessories. The other half of the market is dedicated to pets, including dogs, cats, fish, birds and other animals. The market opens every Sunday morning and occupies the length of the entire street.


The market was originally situated in the Hatibagan area. However, due to space constraints, the market was later shifted to Galiff Street. The entire market is divided into several sections with owners selling their stocks.  The diversity of the pets in this market is overwhelming. The busy market is also flocked with people like who document the market through their eyes or through a camera.

The morning flower market (8.00 am onward)

Across the street. (8.45 am onward)

Fish and Animal Market (9.30 am onward)

Animal Market (10.00 am onward)

Photographs from the market: