Kolkata Soundscapes



61742_10151205865662924_1275738221_nPramantha Mohun Tagore is currently an M.Phil scholar at the Department of English, Jadavpur University. He is the Project Fellow of Kolkata Soundscapes and his interests include Renaissance Literature and Thought, Music and Modernity and Cultural Studies. Pramantha is a professional performer of the Sarode, a North Indian Classical music instrument, and is based in Calcutta.



 anindyaAnindya Sundar Maity is a post graduate student of comparative literature, in jadavpur university. He graduated in the same discipline from the same university. Anindya is a percussionist based in kolkata, with special interest in the blues, jazz, funk, rock n roll and worldwide folk music. He is currently working to promote street music in Kolkata, and working with soundscape has increased the scope of the same.



Aritry Das is a third year undergraduate student of the Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University. She is a freelance content writer and photographer. She translated the conversation with Md. Akram and Irfan which helped her know her city more.



Arnab Bhaumik

Arnab Bhaumik is currently pursuing his Masters in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University. He has done his Bachelor of technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from the West Bengal University of Technology. Arnab travels in and around the streets of Kolkata and explores the dynamics of sound by carefully skimming the sublime from the mundane everyday noise through his constant companion, the audio-recorder. Besides the passion for sound, Arnab is also involved in video-recording interviews and taking photographs for this project. Arnab is also responsible for editing most of the video recordings and some of the audio recordings uploaded in this website.


debjani 2Debjani Chakrabarty is an undergraduate student of Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University. Her particular areas of interest involve Indian Literary Traditions and Cultures. She enjoys reading; particularly the works of Amitava Ghosh, Vikram Seth, Orhan Pamuk and Jhumpa Lahiri among others. She holds a certificate in Spanish language from Jadavpur University School of Language and Linguistics. Working with Soundscapes of Kolkata has led her to discover her city in ways she never imagined before. Her experience has been enthralling as well as educative.


debopamaDebopama Sinha is a freelance writer and currently pursuing Master’s degree in Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University. She has completed a certificate course offered by the School of Languages and Linguistics and presently doing a course in translation studies from the same institution. Her experience of working on this project about the Sounds of Kolkata, according to her, has been extremely delightful as well as unique. She has translated Sri Abanindranath Thakur’s Jorashakhor Dhare, which was a very enriching experience, albeit a challenging task. The second article written by her is on sounds of political rallies, which required a certain amount of research. She herself has attended quite a few political rallies which have also been a contributing factor. 


Gourab Chatterjee is a research fellow in the Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University. His research area includes Reception Theory, Swahili literature, literature of medieval Bengal, Perso-Arabic influences on both the literary spaces, Karbala narratives and Islamic lamenting songs especially marsiya. He is currently learning Swahili in the Department of African Studies, Delhi University. He contributed in soundscape by helping to promote the facebook page and sharing some ideas with the main contributors. 



Ianthi Guha is a post-graduate in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University, currently working as a project fellow in the project ‘Soundscapes of Kolkata’. She takes keen interest in literature, music and mythology. She is working in this project for past one year and had witnessed it grow and develop over this period of time. She had been to field works for the project and had been looking after all the financial and administrative issues regarding this project. Apart from this she had also been engaged in transcription and translation of texts. It had been an enriching experience for her working in this project.


kaushikKaushik Neogi is an esoteric researcher in the Vajrayana  initiation  and named as Bhavadhuta Bhutanatha as per the lineage. Musician, Composer, and a hobbyist wildlife photographer.


Koel PikKoel Mitra is a doctoral fellow in the Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University. She takes interest in Digital Humanities, Indian Art and Aesthetics and Cultural Studies. She has been associated with “Soundscapes of Kolkata” for quite some time now and has contributed in various ways. “Soundscapes of Kolkata” has been an enriching experience for her because she has been able to learn how to discover her city through sounds and represent them in the digital media. She now hears sounds which she never heard before!

psbParthasarathi Bhaumik is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University. He studied English Literature in higher studies and is presently working on Burma-Bengal colonial relations as narrated in old Bangla books. He was the co-investigator in a UGC Innovative Research Project working on “Hearing the City: Exploring Kolkata through the Narratives of Sounds”. He is the Principal Investigator of this project. 



prabuddhaPrabuddha Ghosh is currently pursuing Master’s degree in Comparative Literature in Jadavpur University. He has completed his Bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of Calcutta. He has compiled the sound-based words (dhvanatmak words) in Bangla and translated the meaning of those words in English. He took help from Rabindranath Tagore’s Shabdatattwa, Sukumar Ray’s poems, Bengali Slang Dictionary and from other books. Though cumbersome and challenging, the task helped him to discover a rich relation between the sounds and meanings. He has presented academic papers in some National and International seminars. Prabuddha writes poems and essays which have been published in different Magazines. He also holds FIDE Elo rating in chess and has competed in national and international level chess competitions.

RanjaRanjamrittika Bhowmik is a student of Comparative Literature (undergraduate 3rd year), Jadavpur University. She takes active interest in literature, music, cinema and folk culture. She is particularly interested in observing human life around her. She is passionate about writing, photography and exploring socio-cultural issues, especially focusing on various unsung human stories. While working on Soundscape, she has learnt to discover and explore the myriad sounds of not only the city she lives in but also the inner sounds of the human soul. Rahul( a blind boy who has been interviewed) has taught that even in the absence of sight, the mind’s eye can experience the world around you merely with the help of sounds.



Sayantani Biswas is a student of Comparative Literature (Undergraduate ,second year). It has been her pleasure to be associated with Soundscapes. The opportunity to understand this Megalopolis  through its sounds has been a complete new experience for her beside music and books. She does not call herself an avid reader but she has her personal favourites in authors and musicians; where it is Vikram Seth, Jibanananda Das on one hand and Hariprasad Chaurasia and Debabrata Biswas on the other. She also holds a certificate degree in French language from Jadavpur  University School of Language and Linguistics.


ShatadipShatadeep Maitra is a student at the Department of Comparative Literature at Jadavpur University.He is an amateur level photographer and a beginner level cinematographer. He worked in this project as a photographer and videographer.




Shreemoyee Chakraborty is a final year graduate student in the Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University Kolkata. Her areas of interest are Marxist Philosophy, Material Feminism and Indian Art and Culture. She takes a keen interest in Languages and is currently associated with Goethe-Institut Kolkata. She has written a few articles for Soundscape Kolkata. And her association with the project has been exhilarating and enlightening.

Shreyasi Chatterjee is an undergraduate student of Literature in English from Jadavpur University and a freelance content writer. She is an avid reader with a keen interest in Art and Cinema. Being a singer of contemporary music herself, she is inclined towards Blues, Jazz, Folk, Classical, Rock as well as World music. Shreyasi contributed several articles towards documenting key areas mapped in the case studies section such as the Galiff Street Market, South Park Street Cemetery, Bhawanipore Cemetery, Indian Museum, NSB International Airport and others. 


shubhasree pic - CopyShubhasree Bhattacharyya is involved with the project ‘Soundscapes of Kolkata’ since its inception in the capacity of a research consultant and subject specialist. She helped in conceiving and designing the project as part of the principal investigation team also providing it organizational support. She was a part of the field work and interviewing team from the days of the preceding Oral Narratives project and was particularly in charge of the direction and supervision of the sound stories film unit.

Shubhasree completed her Masters in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University. Thereafter she went on to do the Research Training Programme (RTP) from CSSS, Kolkata. She directed the documentary film Dhenkir Gaan (Songs of Peddle Husking) as an Eastern Zonal Cultural Centre, Ministry of Culture grantee and the film An Aura of Development. She was the co-investigator for the UGC project ‘Hearing the City: Exploring Kolkata through the Narratives of Sound’ under the Oral Narratives Project, Innovative Research Scheme. She is a SYLFF doctoral fellow from Jadavpur University. Her thesis is titled Rhythms at Work: Labour, Territoriality, and Sound Spaces in Kolkata. Presently, she teaches ‘Comparative Indian Literature’ at the Department of Modern Indian Languages and Literary Studies, University of Delhi. Her research interests include work song, sound, performance, urban space, labour, comparative literature and cultural studies. She has been a translator and an editor and takes a keen interest in travel, music and films. You can reach her at  


sreejitaSreejita Mitra, a student of the Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, is currently in her third year. She works as a freelance correspondent for The Times of India. Her other areas of interest include dancing, hiking and theatre. In future, she wishes to work with the indigenous performing arts forms of the Rarh belt of Bengal. She was given the charge of translating an interview of ‘horbola’ artists. For her it was a great learning experience since the art form is not much talked about in the popular performing arts circle and this translation has given her the opportunity to know it in details. 


tias Tias Maity is a freelance photographer and loves travelling and discovering new places. She is presently pursuing  her undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature. Working for Soundscapes has been an exciting experience for her. It has encouraged her to listen this city more attentively. She has transcribed some some Bangla conversation for the project.


 883363_623008931050026_17661540_oTrishnamrita Mahato pursued her masters in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University. She has a keen interest in photography. “Working on Soundscapes of Kolkata was a unique experience. It made me aware of the subtle sounds of Kolkata which is often difficult to perceive as they are lost in the noise pollution”, she said about her involvement with the project.